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How to tell you what ‘Re Federico 23’ is?

First of all you have to know that we are in Palermo:

“It sits on the north shore of Sicily on a fan-shaped stretch of land between two towering stone promontories, and it’s been there, in one form or another, for almost 3,000 years. Empire after empire has trodden upon the place: Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans; then Vandals, Normans, Moors, Spaniards; then Italians, the United States Army; and since the end of World War II, Cosa Nostra, whose influence over the place is only recently waning. For millennia it’s been built up and knocked down, robbed and bombed, patched up and left to fend for itself. So it is a spectral city, a city of ghosts and ruins, amid which the living citizens slip quietly and for the most part without expression; an inward city, not unkind but very private — Italia insulare, as they call it. Palermo can be very beautiful, in a decaying, Hubert Robert way; on sunny days the sky overhead is Mediterranean enamel blue; the food is wondrous. But above all, Palermo is full of secrets and very strange.” Jim Lewis for The New York Times

In such a city relationships, friendship and community are the most important values. So, ‘Re Federico 23’ is an urban tribe that shares a sustainable way of life, projects, a love for culture and friendship.

We are located in an old and fascinating building, in the historic neighbourhood named ZISA near the Massimo Theatre; the atmosphere is vintage, young and contemporary. In the building you can find:

  • a coworking space with shared workspaces used by various independent self-employed individuals as their principle place of business, underpinned by community values. Coworking is a self-directed, collaborative and flexible work style that is based on mutual trust and the sharing of common core objectives and values between members. Members treat each other equally, can increase their well-being by working in a collaborative atmosphere, and accumulate – through cooperation, not competition – greater economic, social and cultural capital, above that which is possible through an isolated form of work.
  • For us coworking is more than a shared office, it is a creative community where to experiment collaborative consumption, discuss cultural policies, struggle for a better city and a more equal society.
  • two co-houses where you can stay with little money in private rooms located in two large apartments, with a kitchen and a terrace. Simona, an artist, and Dario, a chef, have decided to open their houses to meet new people and try a co-living experience.

Joining ‘Re Federico 23’ is an opportunity to discover Palermo and Sicily from an insider and original point of view. You can decide to experience the South and live and co-work with us for some time, or stay for some days while travelling. We will help you by answering your questions about the city, sharing experiences that will allow you to “act like a local” and explore the territory.
Our house is a place where locals and foreign guests meet and can tell their experiences of social innovation and, why not?, co-design new projects, or discuss how to develop new activities in their cities of origin. The main idea is always “to pool in common and share” experiences, travels, ideas.
It could be ever more interesting for other countries today to experience life in the South, because here we’ve been finding solutions to the crisis for a long time, so we can share a couple of ideas about it!

Choose the South and join us!
Email: info@coworkingpalermo.net